Coppingham Cottage is currently closed
We will be opening soon, and we are taking enrolments at our two close by nurseries; Ivy and Acorn Cottages

Coppingham Cottage

Coppingham Cottage is our newest Cranbrook Nursery.

A fun learning hub with friendly qualified staff; where babies, toddlers and children come to grow, flourish and make new friends in a positive early years’ experience. It’s a wonderful start to learning, as they embark on their journey to getting school ready.

We have just put the finishing touches on our baby suite and welcomed our first new babies. This is exciting for us. What was once a school holiday club, we have transformed into a beautiful and nurturing learning nest for babies.

Inside, our homely cottage and as the children grow, we provide a wide range of learning resources. Arts and crafts, cooking, book corner, home corner, science and games to choose from. Endless opportunities for children to be inspired and gain a lifelong love of learning.

Outside, we have a huge garden with swings, monkey bars, a pirate ship, sand play and plenty of room for lots of other games. Our outdoors provides shady areas to relax and quietly learn as well as physical challenges.

Coppingham Cottage

261 Balcombe Road

Tel: 01293823163

Nursery Manager: Chelsey Martill

Mon to Fri 7.30am until 6.30pm


  • Chelsey
    I have worked for Cranbrook Independent Nursery and Pre-School since December 2008, beginning my career at Clover court, where I completed my level 2 and 3 in early childhood studies as well as a level 3 in management. In 2014 I decided to further my learning by applying to do a foundation degree in early childhood, then went onto do my BA honours in early childhood. I have progressed from an unqualified practitioner to manager within the Cranbrook group and have loved what each different role entails. I love watching the children develop and grow by providing exciting new activities to support their ongoing learning and development, as well as working with an array of talented, passionate individuals that strive to make our nurseries such wonderful places for children.
    • Louise
        LouiseRegional Manager
      My present role as Regional Manager for Childcare & Learning Group, follows the journey of my career starting with Cranbrook Nursery & Preschool, where I first joined Buttercup Barn in May 2000 as a Nursery Practitioner. I then moved to Ivy Cottage as a Deputy Manager and in 2002 I became the Manager. I transferred to Clover Court Nursery in 2010 and at the start of 2018 reached out to London’s Working Mums’ East Sheen nursery where I supported during a transition between managers. In August 2018, I was appointed Regional Manager for Childcare & Learning Group. My interest in early childhood education began when I was 13 years old, having completed a school work experience in a Nursery. From that point, I knew I wanted this to be my career and to make a difference in the start of a child’s life. I have a BA Hons in Childcare and Education.

      We know that Cranbrook is only as good as the relationship between our staff and our customers (the big ones and the little ones!) and we plan to continue listening and responding to parents’ needs, quickly and effectively.