Cranbrook – Acorn Cottage-17

Matt Palmer Chef – Acorn Cottage

Matt has been at Acorn Cottage since 2019 sharing his experience within the hospitality industry, love of food and lively enthusiasm. He enjoys his involvement with the children, and runs a cookery club where he guides them on food sources, preparation and nutritional value. In the kitchen he tries to expand children’s food horizons by preparing dishes with healthy and novel ingredients.

Cranbrook – Buttercup Barn-40

Olly Holland Chef – Buttercup Barn

Olly has been our chef here since 2017, having previously had a catering background in the hospitality industry. He loves food and enjoys creating new dishes and our childrens’ reaction to these new taste experiences. He particularly likes the educational role he has in helping children make good food choices and relating raw ingredients to the preparation process.

Cranbrook – Clover Court-7

Kim Crossley Chef – Clover Court

Kim is an experienced childcare chef and self-confessed foodie who started working with us at Clover Court in 2021. The kitchen is the heart of our nursery and Kim gets great satisfaction from being surrounded by happy children enjoying her delicious  and nutritious meals.

Cranbrook – Ivy Cottage-37

Sacha Gadd Chef – Ivy Cottage

Sacha is a highly experienced chef with us since 2021 and before that working in the corporate catering industry since 1996. His fresh ideas find a balance of healthy ingredients to provide our children with nutritious and tasty meals. Sasha prioritises his involvement with the nursery at meal times to encourage food confidence and enthusiasm for where food comes from, how it is prepared and in making healthy food choices. 

Children start learning about food at a very early age. The messages they receive during this time lay the foundations for the choices they make about food as they move up to school and beyond.

We actively teach children about nutrition, to eat well and make healthy choices. This sets the foundation for their future health and well being.

We operate a no sugar and no salt policy. We follow all the government standards to ensure healthy, nutritious meals.

These guidelines are used to prepare, plan and cook the children healthy and balanced menus.

The nutrient and food based government standards aim to make the food offered healthier by:

  • Increasing the vitamin and mineral content
  • Decreasing the saturated fat and sugars

There are four main groups which contain guidelines that we follow; the main groups are below but there are also other guidelines which intertwine these groups.

  • starchy foods
  • fruit and vegetables
  • meat, fish, eggs and beans, other non-dairy sources of protein
  • milk and dairy foods

If you would like more advice on the menu and cooking methods please pop in and visit our chef who will be happy to provide taste samples and recipes.